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Third-Party Fulfillment, Logistics, & Mail Services

Managing each stage of your production process is a simple undertaking when you rely upon VR Business Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our fulfillment, logistics, and mail services operations allow you to enjoy a consolidated solution for all of your labor needs.
Delivery — Third Party Logistics in St. Harrisburg, PA

Sales Fulfillment & Light Manufacturing

Let us handle your goods and ready them for delivery so you and your team can devote your time to selling your products. Our specialists handle every phase of the assembly and packaging process, including component sub-assembly and custom packaging development and reworking. We also have the facilities to handle a variety of light manufacturing services, which range from the construction of pallet furniture to the production of pens and Braille transcription or recording devices.

Comprehensive Bulk Mail Services

Supercharge your direct mail campaigns with the help of our bulk mail marketing experts. With our state of the art equipment and laser printing capabilities, we can quickly handle all of your processing needs. On the fulfillment side, we offer bulk folding and sorting via automated or manual process, as well as labeling, sealing, tabbing and postage application. With our full CASS, NCOA certification, and intelligent mail, we are able to confirm the accuracy of all addresses, reducing waste and ensuring your campaign reaches the widest possible audience.

Third Party Logistics

Save on the expense of leasing or purchasing warehouse space and hiring a full-time staff when you turn to our logistics professionals. We adeptly manage your warehousing and distribution, providing accurate inventory and handling all of your point-to-point shipping needs.
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